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It's time for a review or my 1 1/2 years with the Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe (photo credits: Renault)
Since 1 1/2 years I drive my all-electrical Renault Zoe. Since my very first drive I know one thing exactly: I'll never go back to a gasoline car.

I could go on and write lots of arguments for an electric car, but I don't. There are lots of pros and cons around the web, I think that anyone must decide on its own if he is willing (or able because of the price) to drive an electric car or not.
I will only post some details about my charging behavior and the total costs I had the last 1 1/2 year, so this will be very objective review. 

So let us start with some facts:
  • daily usage (Monday to Friday) for driving to work and back (12 kilometers one way)
  • some trips during the weekends
  • 14.284 kilometers (~ 8.875 miles) driven
  • from October 1st, 2014 until September 30th, 2015 I charged the Zoe 89 times:
    • 37 charges at home
    • 3 charges at public charging points
    • 49 charges at public charging points with no costs (the local power company near my office provides them)
  • overall charging costs of 85€ (~ $94) between October 2014 and September 2015
  • 1 planned service appointment (90€)
  • 420€ per year for full comprehensive insurance
  • 948€ leasing rate for the battery which is rented in all electric cars of Renault (included are replacement of the battery (if the battery capacity falls under 75% or if the battery fails at all) and free 24/7 assistance service in emergency)
Overall costs (incl. everything from above) for 1 year:  1.543€ (~ $1.720)

The next two diagrams (you can click on each diagram to see it better) will show you how often I have charged and how the charging costs is spread over the year:

In the next diagrams you can see each charging process for every month. I have listed the SoC (state of charge of the battery) before charging and which state the battery had after charging.
I hope that I was able to give you a short review and summary of my usage of my Zoe. If you have any question, just leave a comment, I will try to answer them as good I can.  


  1. almost same as our ZOE just half way to work.



  2. Cool stats! I've never owned a car, but I know for sure my first is going to be an electric once I finally get one. Hopefully Renault will eventually allow you to own your battery, I'm sure the service warranty is good piece of mind, but to have the option of making it yours would certainly be nice as well. Consumer freedom and all that good stuff.

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