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Climbing in Gimmeldingen

Starting from today, I will write down some notes and information about my sport activities. This is more or less for my personal recording (no, I will not use a smartphone app for this) than for information. Nevertheless, there will also some public information which anyone can use from these posts. Maybe you will find new climbing places or hiking routes or whatever. Maybe you just enjoy to read my posts.

Yesterday I was climbing at the quarry of Gimmeldingen (near Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Rhineland-Palatinate) after work. The quarry is a sandstone climbing area with about 70 routes and a height of 20 metres.

In total we "just" climb three routes there, but all three routes are great for itself. We started with "Mitten im Winter (In the middle of winter)" which has a difficulty of 6 in the UIAA scale (in French it's a 5c and in USA (YDS) 5.9). The next route was "Ponyexpress" (UIAA: 6+, French: 6a, USA: 5.10a) which is a really nice crack and corner in the wall, you can see route in the left photo. I can really recommend this route, I have climbed it the first time yesterday, but it has become one of my favourites there already. The last route was "Allgäu" (UIAA: 6-, French: 5b, USA: 5.8). It's a great route to end a climbing session. It has one hard spot and the rest is more or less easy.

This climbing session was kind of after work climbing to end the day with some sport activity and to relax.