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Climbing in Gimmeldingen (2)

It wasn't the perfect weather for climbing yesterday. It was totally a contrary weather with sun, cloudy and in the morning hours some rain. Nevertheless we tried it in the evening and hoped that the rock will be dry enough for climbing. Luckily the rock was dry 1-2 meters above the ground.

We started with "Allgäu" (UIAA: 6-, French: 5b, USA: 5.8) to warm up. Last time we climbed it as last route, yesterday it was our first one. Really a nice route, but because of the rain it was a littble bit sloppy in the start section. On the left photo it's the route which starts on the left plate and goes up the corner in the wall. 

Next route was "Sonnenaufgang (Sunrise)" (UIAA: 6+, French: 6a, USA: 5.10a), which is a little crack in the wall. You can see it in the left photo on the right side where the rope starts and if you follow up the rope you see the route. Very nice route, but it was a little bit too hard in the beginning for a 6+ (at least this was my impression). Therefor it will be easier in the last section, maybe that's the compensation for the hard start.

The third one for this evening was "Tugarez" (UIAA: 6-, French: 5b, USA: 5.8). The start and the last move is harder, the rest is more or less easy. It's a good route, but nothing special. You can see it in the right photo. Just follow the rope there and you see the route.

The last one has no name in our climbing guide, but it was rated with UIAA 5 (French: 4c, USA: 5.6), personally I would say it's a 5+ (French: 5a, USA: 5.7). Perfect route to end a climbing session in the evening, a short route with a relative easy difficulty.

It's not me on the photos, it's my climbing partner Christoph, just to mention it.