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Climbing in Gausbach

Yesterday I was climbing in Gausbach (Murg valley, Northern Black Forest). Gausbach has a nice climbing area with 56 routes and a height of 40 metres. The area is directly at an old and nearly unused road, no long walking distance from the parking place or train station.

I helped out my girlfriend who was climbing with her school class. I had to prepare the routes for top roping, so there was a wide range of difficulty.

So, we started with the easiest route there because the children weren't climbing on a rock before, which was "Komm mit Ski (Come with ski)" (UIAA: 3+, French: 3, USA: 5.3). A really really easy one, but perfect for those who weren't climbing on a rock before. The next ones were a little bit harder, "Signo di oro" (UIAA: 5-/5, French: 4c, USA: 5.6), "Toprope ahoi" (UIAA: 5-, French: 4c, USA: 5.6) and "Via bambini" (UIAA: 5, French: 4c, USA: 5.6). For some children we also prepared two harder routes: "Stairway to heaven" (UIAA: 5+, French: 5a, USA: 5.7) which is a very nice and long route (about 28 meters),  "Komm mit Ski (links) (Come with ski (left alternative))" (UIAA: 6/6+, French: 5c/6a, USA: 5.9/5.10a) which is good route of slab climbing.

After the children are gone and the official part was over, I tried "Veni vidi vici" (UIAA: 7-, French: 6a+, USA: 5.10b). Sadly I had to abort it after 3/4 of the route. I think it was the key part of the route, or maybe not (I don't know it), but it was just a little bit too hard for me this day. I definitely have to go back there and try it again, I'm sure that this route isn't that complicated at this point.

A small hint at the end, climb in the morning hours, after midday you are climbing without any shadow and it will be definitely hot there.