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Bug squashing evening for Arch Linux

This evening I started my personal bug squashing day for Arch Linux. After a very long delay and no contribution the last several weeks for Arch Linux, I decided to start again and what will be better than fixing long outstanding bugs.

So, I decided to fix the following bugs:

  • FS#23933 - [dhcp] Separate v4 and v6 configuration files
  • FS#43405 - [dhcp] unable to start dhcpd6
  • FS#33927 - [monodevelop] Add xsp as an optional dependency
  • FS#39779 - [monodevelop] Razor solution wizard fails  
  • FS#28496 - [mod_mono] .conf located elsewhere  
All bugs are now fixed, at least I hope so. The dhcp package has now seperate configuration files for IPv4 and IPv6, also the systemd service files are referring to the correct configuration file.

MonoDevelop has now xsp as optional dependency and the Razor solution wizards works now and all necessary files are on its place.

mod_mono's configuration file is now located in the correct directory and must be changed in the httpd.conf file if you refer to the old directory.

Additionally I have updated the Mono package and MonoDevelop package to the latest stable release.

I hope that I will find another evening like today to do my next personal bug squashing day.

The next bug squashing day will come... ;-)