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Climbing in Gimmeldingen (2)

It wasn't the perfect weather for climbing yesterday. It was totally a contrary weather with sun, cloudy and in the morning hours some rain. Nevertheless we tried it in the evening and hoped that the rock will be dry enough for climbing. Luckily the rock was dry 1-2 meters above the ground.

We started with "Allgäu" (UIAA: 6-, French: 5b, USA: 5.8) to warm up. Last time we climbed it as last route, yesterday it was our first one. Really a nice route, but because of the rain it was a littble bit sloppy in the start section. On the left photo it's the route which starts on the left plate and goes up the corner in the wall. 

Next route was "Sonnenaufgang (Sunrise)" (UIAA: 6+, French: 6a, USA: 5.10a), which is a little crack in the wall. You can see it in the left photo on the right side where the rope starts and if you follow up the rope you see the route. Very nice route, but it was a little bit too hard in the beginning for a 6+ (at least this was my impressio…

Climbing in Gausbach

Yesterday I was climbing in Gausbach (Murg valley, Northern Black Forest). Gausbach has a nice climbing area with 56 routes and a height of 40 metres. The area is directly at an old and nearly unused road, no long walking distance from the parking place or train station.

I helped out my girlfriend who was climbing with her school class. I had to prepare the routes for top roping, so there was a wide range of difficulty.

So, we started with the easiest route there because the children weren't climbing on a rock before, which was "Komm mit Ski (Come with ski)" (UIAA: 3+, French: 3, USA: 5.3). A really really easy one, but perfect for those who weren't climbing on a rock before. The next ones were a little bit harder, "Signo di oro" (UIAA: 5-/5, French: 4c, USA: 5.6), "Toprope ahoi" (UIAA: 5-, French: 4c, USA: 5.6) and "Via bambini" (UIAA: 5, French: 4c, USA: 5.6). For some children we also prepared two harder routes: "Stairway to hea…

Bug squashing evening for Arch Linux

This evening I started my personal bug squashing day for Arch Linux. After a very long delay and no contribution the last several weeks for Arch Linux, I decided to start again and what will be better than fixing long outstanding bugs.

So, I decided to fix the following bugs:

FS#23933 - [dhcp] Separate v4 and v6 configuration filesFS#43405 - [dhcp] unable to start dhcpd6FS#33927 - [monodevelop] Add xsp as an optional dependencyFS#39779 - [monodevelop] Razor solution wizard fails  FS#28496 - [mod_mono] .conf located elsewhere   All bugs are now fixed, at least I hope so. The dhcp package has now seperate configuration files for IPv4 and IPv6, also the systemd service files are referring to the correct configuration file.
MonoDevelop has now xsp as optional dependency and the Razor solution wizards works now and all necessary files are on its place.
mod_mono's configuration file is now located in the correct directory and must be changed in the httpd.conf file if you refer to the ol…

Climbing in Gimmeldingen

Starting from today, I will write down some notes and information about my sport activities. This is more or less for my personal recording (no, I will not use a smartphone app for this) than for information. Nevertheless, there will also some public information which anyone can use from these posts. Maybe you will find new climbing places or hiking routes or whatever. Maybe you just enjoy to read my posts.

Yesterday I was climbing at the quarry of Gimmeldingen (near Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Rhineland-Palatinate) after work. The quarry is a sandstone climbing area with about 70 routes and a height of 20 metres.

In total we "just" climb three routes there, but all three routes are great for itself. We started with "Mitten im Winter (In the middle of winter)" which has a difficulty of 6 in the UIAA scale (in French it's a 5c and in USA (YDS) 5.9). The next route was "Ponyexpress" (UIAA: 6+, French: 6a, USA: 5.10a) which is a really nice crack and co…