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An alternative way to install a pure Arch Linux installation

As we all know, Arch Linux isn't the distribution with an easy installation. And if I say "easy" I mean easy for most Linux users and maybe new Linux users. I know we have a great Beginner's Guide in the wiki which is awesome if you follow these steps and understand each step. But for the most users these steps are a show stopper and they won't even try Arch Linux even if it's the distribution they were looking for. I think there are a lot of Linux users out there who want to try Arch, but fails with the installation. And even those should have a chance to try Arch.

A german Linux news site made an article about Evo/Lution. Evo (founded by Jeff Story) is an Arch Linux Live CD with a CLI installer. The installer reminds me at our old CLI installer we had some years ago, which was removed in 2012 because of the huge amount of maintenance.

Since then you definitely have to know what you are doing during the installation of Arch Linux.

This huge gap is now closed…