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I think the slowmoVideo project needs more attention

I have discovered this project some time ago, but I wasn't able to try it because it depend on nVidia GPUs for calclulating the optical flow of the video. But this limitation was dropped with version 0.3 and it can be used now with any GPU.

But what is slowmoVideo? slowmoVideo is a program that creates super slow-motion video of your footage without any stuttering of the video itself. The webpage stated the following features:

Videos in any format supported by ffmpeg can be loaded. Image sequences can also be loaded, so, if you did a timelapse with too few frames, slowmoVideo may help as well. slowmoVideo does not work with a constant slowdown factor but with curves that allow arbitrary time accelereation/deceleration/reversal.Motion blur can be added, as much as you want.

I think you have seen such great super slow-motion videos on the internet before, but these were made with commercial software and/or cameras which are able to record in slow-motion. slowmoVideo is open source …