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Watching movies from Google Play on Arch Linux

Google Play Movies started last week in Germany and I didn't tried it yet. Yesterday I tried it for my first time and didn't read any requirements or help sections at all. Starting the browser, logged in to Google, click on a movie, pay it with my VISA card and clicked on the play button. An onscreen popup with a familiar youtube player starts and then nothing happened. The only thing I saw was a error message which told me that there is a general error and I should try it again later.
So I wait some minutes, same procedure again, nothing happened. So I googled a bit and found several posts that Google Play doesn't support Linux. My first thoughts were that this can't be true, one of the biggest company which supports Linux in their other products and which are using Linux in several products, don't support it now on their newest big thing. Especially if they are using Flash and streaming the movies with the help of youtube (it seems so).
Started a new Google sear…