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Flagging packages out-of-date

I have to post this. I'm sorry if I will sound a little harsh in this blog post, but it has happened too often in the last few days.

Let us start at the beginning. Mono released a new version 2.11 a week ago and since then I get nearly daily an out-of-date mail for our package in the repository. This is really annyoing because in nearly every news post about the mono release, it's stated clearly that this release isn't a stable release. Miguel de Icaza posted in his blog:

After more than a year of development, we are happy to announce Mono 2.11, the first in a series of beta releases that will lead to the next 2.12 stable release.  

This is the first sentence which Miguel did post which clearly mentioned that 2.11 isn't a stable release. And on the download page it's even labeled as alpha version.

I think that most of you have noticed the small (?) beside the out-of-date link on the package website of each package. If you click on it you get the following information:
Flagging Packages
If you notice that a package is out-of-date (i.e., there is a newer stable release available), then please notify us by using the Flag button in the Package Details screen. This will notify the maintainer(s) responsible for that package so they can update it.
The message box portion of the flag utility is optional, and meant for short messages only. If you need more than 200 characters for your message, then file a bug report, email the maintainer directly, or send an email to the arch-general mailing list with your additional text.
Note: Please do not use this facility if the package is broken! Use the bugtracker instead.

There you can read that you should flag the package only if  "[...] i.e., there is a newer stable release available". So please, flag the packages only out-of-date if there is really a new stable release available!

This post should not discourage people to flag the packages, but it should encourage people to read the news post about new releases carefully.