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Banshee 2.4.0 released and available in Arch Linux repo

DVD playback in banshee
Some minutes ago I have pushed the new banshee 2.4.0 release to our repository. Regarding to the release notes there are several bugfixes and new features.
Two of the new features deserve to be named:

  1. DVD playback, you can now watch your favourite DVDs with banshee. DVD menu support is also included (see the screenshot)
  2. UPNP support, browse and play your media provided by a UPNP server. 

Please give me some feedback about the UPNP feature, I haven't tested it yet because of the lack of a UPNP server. To provide the UPNP support a new package "mono-upnp" was added to the repository, too. If you find a packaging bug, feel free to file a bug at our bugtracker.


  1. Turning on the uPnP plugin is causing Banshee to crash. Here's what was output to my console:

    1. That's strange, I have tested it now on three different systems and no crashes of banshee. I can activate the plugin and banshee works. I can't test if UPnP is working correctly, because I have no UPnP server here, but banshee isn't crashing.

      I have some similar log output as you, but the errors have nothing to do with UPnP.

    2. Okay, meanwhile I have a crash in banshee, too. If you activate the UPnP plugin and do nothing with banshee, just let it be idle, then banshee will crash. I have filed a bug report at banshee's bugtracker, you can find it here:

  2. I was able to cause the mono-upnp-gtk program to crash as well, and if you have a router with upnp you can test it as well.

    If I select urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:InternetGateway:1 and then go to the description tag there is an entry for Icons. If you click the arrow to display the icon and the icon can't be found you'll crash. Here's the output from the crash:

    I was able to get an icon to display for my DLNA music server, but my Linksys router always causes a crash. So far the crash has only happened when I tried to display an icon it can't find, everything else seems to be working just fine.

    1. I have add your comment to the opened bug at banshee. Thanks for reporting. Meanwhile I have setup a UPnP server and it works with ushare. But a restart of the UPnP server let banshee crash. So at the moment UPnP isn't really stable. Some Ubuntu users reported the same behaviour, so the best would be to deactivate the UPnP extension at the moment.


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