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Arch Linux anniversary and increasing visits at my blog

The H Open and Heise Open Source related news item
My blog post about Arch Linux 10th anniversary got more attention than I thought. There was and still is an incredibly increase of page loadings and my blog statistic shows numbers that I have never seen before. Yesterday there were 3.473 page loads and all page loads were nearly for the post about our 10th anniversary of Arch Linux. I know that we have lots of users out there which are reading our planet, but the main audience was coming from The H Open and Heise Open Source, because both posted a news item about Arch Linux and its birthday and linked to my post. Thanks for that :-)
Because of the increased audience I have added some more timestamps of my history with Arch Linux and linked to all blog posts from the other developers which have done the same. A big thanks goes to Allan, he started the whole thing with posting his timeline.


  1. That explains it! I was impressed that your quite new blog was giving me at least ten times more referrals than any of the other developer's blogs.

    1. I don't even know why they have chosen my blog post about the anniversary, but they did it. :-) So, I have updated my blog post and add links to Dan's and Dave's post, too.

      But my blog isn't really new, it has only a new home here at blogger/blogspot. I haven't found the time yet to transfer the most interesting posts to this blog.


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