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10th anniversary of Arch Linux

Happy Birthday Arch Linux!

Ten years ago Judd Vinet released the first public version of Arch Linux. Allan, PierreIonuț and Andrea has already post their Arch Linux history. Inspired by them I will try to tell my history, as far as I can remember it.

I can't really member the exact time when I switched to Arch Linux. I can remember that Andreas (andyrtr) first told me about Arch, we were working together for the Mandriva user community and provided packages which wasn't in the official repositories. Then Andreas switched to Arch64 and after some time I followed him to support Arch64 and I'm starting to rebuild packages for the Arch64 repository. After the Arch64 project was getting official to be integrated as a supported architecture, I didn't start as a maintainer from the start. Some weeks or month later (I can't remember) Andreas supported me to become an official Arch Linux developer for the x86_64 architecture. That was my beginning in the Arch Linux developer team.

I have only some few time stamps, which I can really proof:

2005-10-06 Registered at Arch Linux Forum
2006-09-26 First assigned bug (FS#5451 - userui hook doesn't honour FBRES)
2006-11-19 Access to the Arch Linux developer mailing list
2007-08-26 First meetup of some developers at FrOSCon.
2008-10-13 I released Mono 2.0 to our repository
2009-08-26 We met again at FrOSCon.
2012-01-09 Pushed the newest Window Maker package 0.95.0 to our repository, first release since 2005

Now I'm the Mono maintainer of Arch Linux (for nearly more than 5 years (proved only for the last 4 years, there was the CVS --> SVN switch and I have no older logs)), I have also some other packages, but the most packages has something to do with Mono.

I'm really proud to be part of this great community. Keep rolling Arch Linux!

Now we have a news post with links to all front pages during all the time.
Dan McGee and Dave Reisner posted also there history timeline. Make sure to read those timelines also.