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Deshaking videos with Linux

I have transferred this blog post from my old blog to this blog to have this information also here.
This blog post is more or less for my own, that I don’t forget how to deshake a video if I need it again. Reading several blog posts and forum threads how to deshake a video, I have found the solution. Most Linux distributions have already installed it, without any knowledge of their users. I’m speaking about “transcode”. If you don’t have transcode installed, install it:
pacman -S transcode transcode includes a video stabilizier and you just have to know how to use it. You can update only the stabilizer by downloading a new version here and overwrite the exisiting files, but I don’t recommend it. You must download the binary version if you want to update.
Now we will start to deshake our video. Open a terminal, change to your directory with your videos and let us start:
transcode must analyze our video, so start the command: transcode -J stabilize -i yourmovie.avi If transcode c…